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Kanya's Chance

Providing sanitary napkins to Students in India

Who is Kanya?

What is Kanya's Chance?

Kanya's Chance e.V. is a Berlin-based non-profit organization founded by Berlin students working to improve access to menstrual hygiene products for women in developing countries.

How do we help?

Our primary target group is schoolgirls ages ten and above. We provide them with two packs of sanitary pads per month and give courses on women's health. Through this, we aim to reduce absence from school due to menstuation, improving education equality.


Our activities are made financially possible mainly through annual donation campaigns, as well as through donations from private individuals or organizations.


We are currently providing two packages of sanitary napkins monthly to 490 Schoolgirls at three different schools in Anand, Gujarat.


We are actively working towards increasing public awareness about Menstruation and Puberty.