Improvement of hygiene conditions

April 25, 2023
Author: Meline Meinkoehn

An important part of our project encompasses the consolidation and the improvement of the toilet´s conditions in our assisted school. In order to ensure a shame-free toilet visit, essential equipment in form of doors, lighting and trash cans is required. As the equipment was often missing, our aim was to supply restrooms with trash cans, doors and functional lighting. Overall, we were able to improve the sanitation facilities of three schools and add lighting as well as trash cans to the restrooms! Unfortunately, the installation of doors, was not deemed possible due to an essential lack of space. We were also able to provide a fourth school with a new watersystem( i.e. drinking water facility) after the credo of "Help for self-help" . The collaboration with the partner schools would not have been possible without the extraordinary help of the architect Aditya Thaklar!